Behind Water and Air, Coal is the third most
abundant natural resource on the planet.
Even as U.S. Demand for Coal Decreases,
Worldwide Demand is Skyrocketing.
Now is the Time for Clean Coal Technologies.
Liquasol Technologies Remove Impurities
From Coal and Converts Them to
Clean Raw Materials for Other Industries.


LIQUASOL TECHNOLOGIES provide material treatment, including coal gasification and  syngas production for synthetic fuels, synthetic lubricants, chemical synthesis and  a range of carbon-based by-products derived from coal by thermal treatment and catalytic reactions all aimed for manufacturing purposes.

LIQUASOL TECHNOLOGIES focus on engineering research, plant design, and fuel testing services in the field of coal-derived carbon based synthetic fuels and lubricants by verifying and integrating designs and drafting specifications for others of manufacturing equipment and processes; consulting services in the field of coal gasification and syngas production for coal-derived  fuels and lubricants.

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